Crown & Bridge

In November 2014, Sai-tech was awarded “The Best Aesthetic Laboratory” in the UK.  Being recognised for our outstanding work has been a great achievement for us.

At Sai-tech we believe that uniting science and artistry to achieve excellence in aesthetics requires a lifelong commitment to learning. We are energized by our work and continually expanding our skill sets. We love interacting with other practitioners, and providing optimal patient care which in turn produces perfect results.

emaxgraphicsupportpictures002CCrown&Bridgerown and bridge restorations combine advanced scientific techniques with an extremely high level of artistry. The precision and craftsmanship delivered by our technicians can be achieved via the use of porcelain, gold and composite, whether you require a simple bonded crown, or full mouth rehabilitation. Our customer support structure ensures careful pre-planning from the initial stages through to the completed case. To achieve success with Crown & Bridge and cosmetic cases, we can provide diagnostic wax ups, provisionalisation and fully adjustable articulator mounted models.

Sai-Tech Customised Shade Service

We offer a fully customised shade service. We actively encourage patients and dentists to visit our laboratory to discuss their individual needs and timelines, to help the treatment plan from a technical point of view.

cbe45edc-6b17-4a0a-b4b6-1eeeb4a03682We always use the best materials and systems that are available This can be performed conveniently at your practice or at our laboratory. We advise at least one visit to the laboratory as this will provide the most accurate reproduction of natural dentition.

To ensure a perfect result, we provide a custom finishing service, which allows the patient to visit the laboratory prior to fitting. This allows us to perform a complete check to see if any final adjustments are necessary to the crown before fitting takes place.

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